Top Priorities for 2022

From the Metaverse to digital transformations, there is plenty for CIOs and IT leadership to ponder as we move into a new year. With that in mind, here are 5 things technology leaders should be prioritizing – or at least putting on their radar – in 2022.

Beyond Operations
The days of thinking of the IT department as merely an operational necessity are gone. Today, technology isn’t just a driver, but it’s the core, the central piece to an organization’s strategic vision. The line between a CMO and CIO is blurring more each year.

A Value-Add
It’s the digital team’s job to maintain and improve, so while they should be holding down the entire infrastructure, they should also be pushing the envelope to make sure all operations are providing value to not just customers, but to the business as well.

The Future
From artificial intelligence to virtual reality and beyond, keeping an eye on trends and innovations at all times is the key to ensuring growth. It doesn’t mean you have to force something like AI into your tool belt if it’s not a good fit, but it does mean you should at least consider the possibilities of what they could hold.

Take a look at how automation can serve to assist in your business, from the marketing team to application development. And it’s not just about time savings. Streamlining can also include personalization and segmentation that could never be achieved in a manually handled environment. It will also add the need for a new skill set on your team: setting up and overseeing the tools that provide you with this incredible edge.

According to Capgemini, the IT sector accounts for almost 3% of global carbon emissions. So, the work to make digital solutions sustainable over the long term is far from done. And customers are looking to work with organizations that take this seriously, so there is added incentive to add this to your mission.