Tips on Going Green

Becoming energy efficient is not a new concept for many individuals and businesses now-a-days. It’s becoming even more prevalent in the digital world.

Green Computing is when you approach managing IT equipment with a more environmentally-friendly mindset. It covers all aspects of the manufacturing, designing, disposing of, and overall usage of all devices.

Moving as many operations online as possible offers a variety of environmental and energy-saving benefits. Many organizations are even using smaller data centers that are easier to oversee, are more cost-effective and offer less downtime.

Here are a just few tips to help you start on the road to a more energy efficient operation:

  • Look for the Energy Star label on hardware and appliances for the office.
  • Set computers to go into sleep mode in a shorter interval of time.
  • Buy energy-efficient monitors to help save battery life.
  • Use dark mode on devices, as it consumes less energy.
  • Screensavers use up power when they are on, so disable them to save on energy.

From repurposing devices to recycling things like batteries, printer cartridges and paper, even small things can make a big difference.