High-Speed Structured Cabling

AOW’s structured cabling services provide a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure, offering an organized, standardized approach to cabling that enhances performance, efficiency and scalability in business communication networks.

structured cabling solutions

Complete Wiring Installation Solutions

We offer premium structured cabling solutions for Charlotte, Wilmington and Virginia Beach area SMBs, healthcare providers, nonprofits and more. Our team excels in low voltage wiring installation businesses of all sizes. These installation services aim to connect devices to network cables for a seamless voice and data experience. Cabling experts are ready to successfully complete any project.

We have been creating complete wiring strategies for years. With that in mind, we understand some of the many mistakes that are commonly made. Maybe a system is experiencing performance issues that hasn’t been diagnosed. If this is the case, the problem could be coming from how the cables are run and set up. Every customer has very specific requirements that are relevant to their business, teams, and locations. We first assess each project thoroughly and listen carefully to what clients need. Then, we provide a range of solutions that provide the results wanted. Finally, if there are ever any questions or further requirements, we are just one phone call away!

Structured Cabling
Wiring Installation Solutions

Understanding Structured Cabling Services

In many ways, wiring is similar to network installations. Both of them are physical systems that are vital parts of all digital operations. Both need to be designed and built with the future in mind, and as such, need to be planned out accordingly. Additionally, it refers to the fiber or copper wiring that runs through the walls and connects devices and access points to the phone and data network. Thus, it’s what enables lightning speed connectivity and capability.

Renowned for offering customized wiring and fiber optics to meet all connectivity requirements, organizations know we’ll get the job done. We are considered one of the leading structured cabling companies in the Carolina’s. So, if you would like to provide ample power to phones, wireless access points cameras, and more, partner with our team today.

Superior Wiring Capabilities

Being the most essential aspect of a network, we understand the importance of system wiring and cabling. We used certified installers, who conform to BICSI, IEEE, and TIA/EIA-568 C standards. AOW can provide these solutions to a wide range of industries. Clientele includes small offices, healthcare, manufacturing, government, law offices and many more. Beyond these industries, we can also carry out any small, medium or large commercial installation needed.

In addition, we also believe in using only the best quality products. We use top-quality components from industry-leading vendors to ensure the integrity of any system. It is important to the efficiency of an organization that wiring is done correctly from the very beginning. Our team takes great care in gathering information, identifying requirements, and then collaborating with your team to develop a customized strategy. Feel confident in knowing everything will be set up correctly the first time around, thus enabling flexible business growth and digital connectivity.

Structured Cabling Installs

Structured Cabling Solutions Built for Speed

Experienced installation experts provide affordable, state-of-the-art systems that are guaranteed to keep businesses connected!