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Custom software development is a crucial component of many businesses today. The ability to have a software application perform specific operations that standard software just won’t do can make all the difference in your organization‘s efficiency and productivity.

Our project management and software development team is ready to create, develop, implement and manage your custom software project. Our expertise in custom software applications can transform your company and provide you with a unique and valuable asset that may differentiate you from competitors and allow you to capture increased market share in your industry.

Custom software solutions by AOW Technologies is a smart choice for your company! Contact us today by calling (980) 263-2850 to connect with a member of our project management team.

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AOW Custom Software Examples

Kitchen B2B


The custom software we developed for KitchenB2B allows unlimited numbers of users to setup profiles for their commercial kitchens in order to market and connect with small business owners looking to rent kitchen space. The system processes transactions between the two parties and maintains communications during the relationship. 

Assay on Wheels


Our software development project for Assay on Wheels makes processing, paying and reporting all buys easy and fast. This software enables the collection of important data points beneficial for governments and end buyers. The digital documentation process provides full traceability while ensuring conflict-free gold status.

Solutions by AOW Technologies

IT Solutions


Technology is about communication, reliability and speed. AOW’s unique approach to IT ensures your technology is running seamlessly and at optimal levels 24/7.

Cloud Phone Systems


We setup and manage modern cloud-based phone VOIP services allowing you to communicate with your team and your customers in an efficient and timely manner.

Software Management


Proper software implementation and management keeps your organization modern and cutting edge. We offer Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Cloud Solutions.

Networks & Security


Let AOW build, monitor and protect your company’s network system today! Our advanced monitoring systems alert us of issues in real time for speedy resolutions.

24/7 Support


Our support team is available to handle any concern or issue you may be experiencing. They work efficiently with our technicians to guarantee fast and effective solutions!

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