Social Media Today

Whether your business is dabbling in social media or posting regularly by following a tight content calendar, one thing remains true – you can always do it better. And with new apps and updated features debuting regularly, it’s time to tune up your process and make sure you’re maximizing the resources you have for the best possible results.

You might feel like TikTok is for kids and lip-syncing or that Facebook is just for older generations, but opening your mind to what’s possible in social media could reap benefits you haven’t considered. For example, while there is a certain contingent on TikTok that created hot viral dancing trends, it is also a very powerful algorithm that focuses like a laser on the things it thinks you’re interested in. So, if you can determine hashtags and content that appeals to your target customer, you may just find a small but mighty cadre of followers and potential buyers.

Here are a few tips and tricks to up your socmed game today:

  • Commission influencers to extend your reach. Even what they call “micro influencers” can help boost a promotion. Some only have a few hundred followers, but those people are loyal and persuadable.
  • Sentiment monitoring can help you understand how customers think. Tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite can comb comments and posts across multiple platforms and analyze the tone of what is being said. They can be super helpful when a current event affects your industry.
  • Keep your relevancy while still being creative in your approach. Yes, do things to generate interest, but do it strategically. Having a cute cat video go viral could bring traffic, but if you’re a financial advisor or IT company, it isn’t relevant to your offerings.
  • Many platforms like Instagram and Twitter release new iterations of updates and upgrades regularly. Instead of sticking with your tried-and-true approaches, be sure to lean into the new features and see how they can help your visibility. Many times, the apps will reward early adopters with more eyeballs. Exactly what you’re looking for!

So, depending on what industry you’re in, the key to success online this year – as it has been for a few years now – is to be creative, relevant, consistent, strategic and willing to try new things. Sounds like a great recipe for success for any organization!