Board of Directors

Shawn G. Miller

A self-described “engineer turned CEO” Shawn has been in many different roles throughout his time with different companies. From software sales to healthcare IT, Shawn has gained valuable experience learning from others and always striving for more. 

For the past 26 years, Shawn has worked in the IT industry. Originally from West Virginia, Shawn learned the majority of what he knows about IT through on the job training. In 2006, after 16 years of working in healthcare IT, Shawn started his own company. In the early days, Shawn’s own garage served as the company’s headquarters, but within a few short years he grew from a modest four clients to over forty clients across the country.

After working for and starting multiple companies, Shawn discovered a new way to approach the IT industry. He wanted to use his business savvy and IT skills to help build other businesses. That’s when Shawn started buying and flipping IT companies. He would find IT companies in desperate need of help, buy them and turn them around. He credits his ability to be able to do this to keeping customers top of mind. Shawn’s solution-oriented mindset is very well suited for these ventures. He thrives when he is able to meet with clients to figure out where problems lie and then design, implement and manage solutions for them. The ultimate motivator for Shawn is taking care of the customer - whether that means saving them money or implementing solutions that make their lives easier.

It’s with his customer-first mindset that Shawn has been able to grow his businesses organically. He feels that numbers in business are important, but ultimately they mean nothing if you’re not making your customers happy. Shawn also credits the growth of his business to his “hustler” mentality. Sean feels that in order to remain successful “you always have to look six months ahead or you’re going to get left behind quickly and just be another IT company.” 

When he’s not transforming and running IT companies, Shawn stays busy with his two daughters. Shawn is always on the go and in his personal and professional life is always looking to do the next thing. He also enjoys restoring old Volkswagens and saltwater fishing with his girls. 


Chris Noyes

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Chris Arney

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William Davis

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Executive Team

Shawn G. Miller, President & CEO

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Ashley Taylor

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Eric Santos, Senior Technical Services Engineer

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