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All Out War - The AOW Technologies Story


Revision Promises Modern & Efficient Technology for Customers

May 22, 2019

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Tech entrepreneur and CEO, Shawn G. Miller, acquires and rebrands information technology company The Network Team. The new organization will be named AOW Technologies and is set to launch June 1, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The story behind this acquisition began 23 years ago when Miller, originally from West Virginia and a graduate of ECPI in Virginia Beach, Virginia, started his career in the technology and engineering sector. Miller climbed the corporate ladder as acting director of information technology in the medical industry. Then, in 2006, he launched his first entrepreneurial venture out of his garage and with only four clients. Within three short years, his firm was a nationally recognized tech brand spanning 49 states.

Fast forward to today and Miller, now a veteran tech CEO, utilizes his skills and vision by acquiring struggling information technology companies. His latest acquisition of The Network Team provides Miller the opportunity to rebrand and restructure the company in order to deliver a higher level of customer care and technical prowess to the technology industry. The new reorganized company, AOW Technologies, promises to bring customers the technology they need to operate their businesses at a fair price and with a focus on modern, efficient and effective solutions. AOW Technologies touts the slogan: Let us design, build, implement and manage your technology! This vision comes directly from Miller as his approach to technology is all encompassing, giving his clients peace of mind that their technology, networks, communications, and business systems will operate at peak performance and without interruption.

Shawn‘s determination to overcome obstacles is the core of AOW today. In fact, the name AOW stands for “All Out War” and the mentality to utilize technology to accomplish any task and overcome any challenge for our customers. Rest assure, with AOW Technologies, your company‘s technology and your people will be handled with the utmost professionalism and focus. AOW Technologies has announced its official launch and grand opening for June 3, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company website and social channels can be found at https://AOWTechnologies.com.