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AOW’s IT consulting for Charlotte area businesses is all about strategy exploration. Our consultants use an in-depth process that involves careful, professional analysis of current networks and technological capabilities. From the first initial analysis, they can identify inefficiencies, vulnerabilities and serious threats. As a result, this information is then used to make strategic recommendations.

Since 2004, AOW has been highly successful at reducing downtime, increasing productivity and mitigating threats. It is crucial that response times are quick. If not rapidly deployed, organizations could face some serious obstacles. Prevention, along with a comprehensive proactive approach, are the keys to success. With this in mind, we strive to minimize potential technology related revenue losses.

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Keeping an infrastructure running smoothly requires a highly-skilled team, constant attention and monitoring. Having said that, many organizations are overwhelmed by ever-changing demands and the ability to retain proper IT talent. That’s what makes AOW an attractive alternative or addition to traditional in-house technology solutions. Our specialists provide leader’s with less stress regarding problems. In turn, it gives more time and peace of mind to focus on important business matters.

Imagine what a team could accomplish if they didn’t have to be concerned about the state of their computers and infrastructure. Businesses report that a significant percentage of each week is taken up with non-productive activities such as resetting passwords, finding lost files, updating software, and more.

Without these issues burdening daily tasks, employees can feel more confident that they can accomplish their goals without distraction. Thus, they are able to focus on more productive work. It is vital to free up this important time within an organization. It’s time to demand exceptional service from a trusted partner. Businesses deserve nothing less.

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Finding the right balance between seamlessly working with a current system, but also keeping everything up to date at an affordable cost, is a dilemma that keeps owners up at night. From monitoring and maintenance to remote assistance and more, we bring a complete suite of solutions to increase productivity and generate higher profits. Our team of experts are just a phone call away. Receive prompt immediate attention, as well as onsite and remote assistance. This helps to meet business needs now and into the future.

Here at AOW, we work with our clients closely as a partner. Not only can we advise on how to use IT in order to meet business objectives, but we also aid in overcoming any possible problems. The main goal is to improve a client’s infrastructure to the point where it is efficient, reliable, and of course, secure.

Additionally, we also have the know-how, drive, and the ability to adjust quickly to changing demands. Outsource technology that’s an extension of your team. Optimize workflow, minimize downtime, and lower costs by choosing AOW.

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