IOS 16 Coming This Fall

Apple’s biggest software update is set to come this fall. They revealed during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference that it’d bring the biggest changes to iPhone’s lock screen, Messages, Mail, and Maps.

Furthermore, this update will support to every iPhone released in and after 2017. Here’s what you need to know about the new updates:

Customizable Lock Screens
With the new update, iPhone users can add smaller widgets, including real-time data on the lock screen. Plus, the change of font of the clock is an exciting first-time addition. The new iOS 16 update will have interactive lock screen wallpapers with several images.

Moreover, some special apps will be able to display customized widgets with information, like Uber showing your car’s route. Another exciting feature is the notifications will no longer appear at the top of the screen. Instead, they’ll be placed at the bottom.

Edit or Unsend Messages
The most exciting feature of iOS 16 is that you’ll be able to manage, edit and/or un-send messages. When you iMessage another user, the software will allow you a 15-minute timeframe to either unsend or edit the message.

However, there’s a catch for the receiver, too. Although they won’t receive a notification, they will know if the message has been recalled or edited. Moreover, users can mark the texts as unread.

Email Scheduling
The Apple Mail app has faced some major improvements as well. But the best one is that any user can schedule an email for the future, like sending an email on Tuesday at 10 a.m. This automation is helpful for entrepreneurs and business owners.

AI Transformation in Photos
Previously, iPhones could create picture albums based on names or locations a user visited. However, now the photo app is using AI to automatically share pictures with up to 6 people based on the people in the picture.

You can also use AI to translate text or capture text present in videos or photos you take. One of the coolest AI features is the Visual Look Up, which allows you to cut a person or animal from a picture and place it into other apps or images as a sticker.