How Machine Learning Can Help Your Business

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) go hand-in-hand. AI, in its simplest form, does things like learn, plan, perceive, problem-solve, and reason. ML is basically a subset of AI, which involves a series of algorithms that learn and improve by analyzing data over time. The more information the machine analyzes, the ‘smarter’ it gets. A really simple example of ML is facial recognition. It captures, stores, and analyzes facial features collected from photos of human faces. Over time, it has become capable of matching a person’s face with a picture of that same person from a database.

So how exactly can Machine Learning support your business?

Copywriting. Would you like a robot writing your blog posts? It’s definitely possible now with platforms like and

Web Statistics. You can use ML-driven tools that provide predictive feedback. As an example, an extension of Google Analytics called Analytics Intelligence, assists users with questions, insights and conversion modeling.

Human Resources. With platforms like Zenefits, you can automate and streamline functions like payroll and scheduling. You can also get recommendations for future hiring strategies based on turnover rates and more.

Customer Service. By implementing an intuitive ML-driven chatbot to your website, you can offer customers answers 24/7 even when you’re not around.

Sales. Have the ability to analyze everything your entire sales team says on calls with potential clients to see what’s working and what isn’t. Tools like make it possible.

While ML & AI have been around for quite some time, their potential in how they can manage businesses is just starting to be noticed. Explore how they can help your business grow by getting in touch with us today.