Future of Tech Jobs

Over the past few years, organizations have embarked en masse into the realm of “Digital Transformation.” And while that term can carry many definitions depending on who you ask, in the end it represents a wholesale evaluation of the technologies that run your business from laptop computers, to servers, marketing automation tools, email, CRM systems and more.

It was a healthy exercise, but the results were not always what was expected. Things like poor change management and a general lack of in-house skills to pull off the endeavor are just a few of many reasons for the missteps. But one thing is for sure as we look back and then forward into the future, high-quality talent for the jobs in the tech market today are higher in demand than ever. And it’s not just to clean up the messes of failed projects, but to guide and shepherd the best teams into a future. A future that is somewhat unknown.

Some of the talents that will be required for IT-minded jobs include:

  • Being able to solve problems proactively
  • Being able to negotiate, motivate and persuade
  • Being able to think critically
  • Being organized
  • Being stable and consistent
  • And being accountable as a leader

And with those skills, candidates can look to enter and thrive in a wide range of industries and disciplines, including:

There are others, of course, but the bottom line is that opportunities abound for those in tech or those looking to venture into the industry. Many HR reports show that two of the most popular and important tech jobs is Chief Software Architect and Data Scientist.

These positions are some of the most in-demand and highest paid employment positions in the U.S. today. Yearly salaries can range from $100,000 to over $200,000 based on experience and education. A quick Google search provides a list of certifications and degrees, as well as the job boards that host the resumes of the most qualified candidates. It’s a competitive field in many ways, but the best talent tends to find its place.