Unified PBX Phone Systems Accelerate Business

Intelligent business VoIP services for Charlotte organizations are essential to staying connected. AOW delivers state-of-the-art business phone system solutions, including cloud and PBX phone systems.

Imagine having a potential client call only for the phone to be down, or perhaps even worse, not answered at all! With convenient features such as mobile pairing, find-me, follow-me, call conferencing and more, get ready to give customers the enhanced experience they are looking for. With our 24-7 support, updates, and daily backups, you’ll always be connected no matter what. Employees will have access to cutting-edge platforms and world-class engineering that empowers them to reach ultimate productivity. Not only will staff members engage more, but customer inquiries will be dealt with professionally and quickly like never before.

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Unified Communications

The Importance of Business VoIP Services

Organizations of all sizes need the best-in-class customer experience. Through modern VoIP telephone solutions, businesses can soar to new heights. Never worry about losing an opportunity from a missed call again! Just a few of the many benefits of internet phone solutions include:

Drastically reduced phone bill: Whether operating in one location, multiple locations, or even remote workers, reduce long distance and leased line charges immediately. Best of all, keep any current phone numbers the same if needed.

Eliminates expensive technician visits: Our system was built, so it could easily be maintained in-house with a few simple clicks of the mouse. No more waiting around for technicians to show up or paying high fees.

Voicemail, auto attendant, call processing: Others vendors charge a lot more for these ‘extras’ that are already included in our standard platform.

No more fax machine: With an e-Fax, say ‘bye-bye’ to the ancient fax machine. This not only saves money, but also provides the ability to send and receive faxes with a computer. It’s just that simple!

Stay connected: With call-forwarding, stay connected from anywhere at any time. No one will know you’re not in the office!

Enhanced Phone Systems

Whether requirements call for a traditional phone or VoIP solution, AOW can source the right product for all needs. With our advanced unified communications platform, users have increased mobility, enhanced productivity and real-time collaboration. See who is available, send and receive team chats, place calls and get voicemails all from one application. These enterprise-level features are at your fingertips – literally.

So no matter if someone is on a desktop phone, mobile device or even a computer, everything is packaged in one easy-to-use system. Additionally, a cloud-based phone set up is tailored around the employee’s needs. This, in turn, adds convenience for the different work-styles they may have.

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Business VoIP Services for the Modern Age

Start saving money and never miss an important phone call again!

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