Complete Business Continuity Planning

With our comprehensive business continuity planning solutions, we help organizations develop strategies to ensure uninterrupted operations and rapid recovery in the face of disruptions. This helps in safeguarding critical functions, assets, and maintaining resilience in emergencies.

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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

AOW knows the importance of business continuity planning. As such, we offer premium data backup and disaster recovery solutions to Charlotte, Wilmington and Virginia Beach area SMBs, healthcare providers, nonprofits and more.

Could your operations continue running without proper data backup and disaster recovery (DRP) in place? More often than not, failures can happen without warning. Whether it be from a natural event, such as a hurricane or flood, to something more malicious, such as a hacker or virus, preparation is key.

Everything from files, databases, servers and more, AOW has advanced backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions that give peace of mind. Real-time backups enable full access to all files in the event of a serious problem. In addition, all business information is stored remotely. So in the chance of an outage or attack, all mission-critical files are safe and accessible.

We also understand the need for a properly monitored and maintained system. Rest assured, knowing information is protected at all times. Our team knows how to keep systems up and running in the rare instance of a complete catastrophe.

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Data Backup Disaster Recovery

Why is Business Continuity Planning Important?

It’s important because it provides an organization with the ability to respond to business operations threats, minimize disruption impacts and protect the long-term business interests. AOW specializes in the assessment, development, implementation and testing that meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes and in nearly every industry. Our focused approach will ensure executive support and provide tools and methodologies for an organization’s long-term success.

In a tech-dependent working environment, it is crucial to have network access 24/7. It can be difficult and time-consuming to try and figure out a BDR plan on your own. That is why we first start with a compliant BDR assessment. By seeing where vulnerabilities lie before any changes are made, we can get a complete picture of what exactly is needed.

Customized Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Is your organization’s business continuity plan implemented and tested? An untested process is only a thought about strategy, and may not cut it when the time comes to actually implement it.

Before any ‘worse case scenarios’ can occur, systems need to be proactively ready to take on anything. There are various benefits of creating a DR plan. The main one being that all files are protected at all times. Just a few other advantages include:

Increased Protection: Create a formidable defense for mission-critical files and ensure security and compliance.

Increased Uptime: Eliminate downtime and get back to business quickly if disaster happens to strike.

Decreased Costs: Gone are the days of expensive physical backups. Local and cloud solutions can take care of it all at decreased costs.

AOW’s experienced team members can put a plan in place to make sure you are protected at all times. We provide affordable, all-in-one solutions with full onsite and offsite protection.

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Business Continuity Planning Solutions

Find out where vulnerabilities are before any long-term damage occurs!