Apple Mac Studio Review

The Mac Studio by Apple is a powerful computing device that is great for content creators and designers because of its great efficiency and speed. Here’s all you need to know!

Features and Device
The Mac Studio is available with an M1 Max or M1 Ultra processor inside a box-like design. If you want to buy this, remember it comes without a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. It contains an enhanced and robust cooling system that counters the heat produced by M1 Ultra and M1 Max processors.

On the back panel, you will find:

  • One HDMI connector
  • 4 Thunderbolt ports
  • 2 USB A ports
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 3.5mm headphone socket

The front panel houses some additional ports for sticking SD cards or memory sticks. In the M1 Ultra Mac Studio, you get 2 extra Thunderbolt 4 ports (with speed up to 40gb/s) and an SDXC card slot. In contrast, the M1 Max has 2 USB-C ports (with a speed of up to 10gb/s).

Furthermore, the surprising UltraFusion feature lets the MacOS manage the M1 Ultra processor as a single entity, eliminating the hassle of rewriting an application or program and allowing the user to use the M1 Ultra’s twin processors.

Price and Variants Available

The M1 Max Mac Studio starts at $1,999 with:

  • 16-core Neural Engine
  • 24-core GPU
  • 10-core CPU
  • 32 GB of unified memory
  • 512 GB SSD

In contrast, the M1 Ultra starts at a whopping $3,999 that includes:

  • 48-core GPU
  • 20-core CPU (3.2 GHz)
  • 32-core Neural Engine
  • 64 GB of integrated unified memory
  • 1 TB SSD

Increasing the memory and cores of the M1 Ultra can take the price to $8,999, which isn’t ideal for many users.

So, should You Buy A Mac Studio?

Although the numerous ports available may seem appealing, the lack of RAM, GPU, and internal SSD upgrades can be a concern for most. This means that you will have to be sure of the specs needed while you shop, as you won’t be able to upgrade it later. It’s definitely considered a luxury purchase, and if you have the desire and budget to support it, you will most definitely enjoy it!