5 Leadership Strategies for 2022

These two last years laid problems at the feet of company leaders that few of us could have imagined. And with a new year coming our way, it’s going to be important for leaders to not only be prepared but to think strategically to realize success.

Here’s a list of 5 strategies every business leader should consider in 2022.

  • Creative Hiring – It’s not enough to filter resumes by the distinction of college attended or relevant experience. Thinking outside the box in hiring means embracing people switching industries, tapping into the pool of highly-talented retirees, and even accepting gaps in resumes.
  • Reinvent Yourself – You don’t have to look far to see the possibilities here. Your staff has likely shown resiliency and your customers have shown an understanding of circumstances that could just lead to that opening in the market where some reinvention could really pay off.
  • Culture First – Accountability and transparency will rule in 2022. Be honest with your staff, customers and suppliers. Create a world where employees feel comfortable giving feedback, and be sure to own up to your mistakes. The market will love you for it.
  • Keep Work Flexible – Turns out many people like working remotely. Studies show that up to 30% of the modern-day workforce say they won’t ever return to a physical office full-time again. Don’t get hung up on getting everyone back to “in-person.” Stay agile and open-minded when it comes to your workers’ preference in a workspace.
  • Create Connections – While enabling the flexibility to work remotely can be a competitive advantage in many cases, it doesn’t mean your staff still doesn’t need to feel that human connection. Be open to feedback and even do some active listening. We all want to be part of a team that we feel close to, and keeping human connection at the forefront will go a long way.

As a leader or team manager, you’re either moving toward success or away from it. These 5 strategies can be the guiding light on your road into the unknowns that 2022 is sure to bring us all. It’s about creative hiring, reinventing yourself, putting culture first, flexible workspaces, and the human connection.